How to join

If you live within MHNA's boundaries, you are eligible for MHNA membership.  If you are unsure whether you live within the boundaries, see the list of apartments and condominiums below.  Dues are $25 per resident. 

The dues year runs concurrent with the calendar year.  You must be a current dues-paying member to vote in MHNA matters, including officer elections.  You can pay your 2019 dues in the following ways.  

  • By credit card, through Paypal, by clicking below. 
  • By cash or check, with the information below the PayPal links.

Dues for single members are good for a calendar year.  


Single member dues for 2019 - $25.

Apartments and Condominiums:  Apartment and condominium residents are invited to join as individual members.  If the residents of your building would like to join as a multi-unit residence, please contact president@meridianhilldc.org. 

If you do not wish to pay on-line, you can bring cash or a check for $25 to the next meeting, preferably with a completed membership form (so that we know how to keep in touch with you).  Make check payable to "Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association."

If you are under a financial hardship and cannot pay dues, please don't let that keep you from joining. Contact us or talk to us after a meeting.


MHNA Listserv

It's easier than ever to receive updates on important developments and upcoming events in the Meridian Hill Park neighborhood.  Your registration for the MHNA Listserv is automatic once you enter your email address and click the Join Now button below.

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How to Join

Campbell Heights Apartments, Photo by Christina ParascandolaRegardless of whether you have lived in the Meridian Hill neighborhood for 4 months or 40 years, and regardless of whether you rent or own, you are invited to become an MHNA member.  See our boundary map.  Here is a list of some of the properties within the MHNA boundaries. 

1455 Florida Avenue, NW
1441 Florida Avenue, NW
1415 Florida Avenue, NW
2000 16th Street, NW, The Balfour
2008 16th Street, NW
2001 16th Street, NW, The Brittany
2101 16th Street, NW, Camden Roosevelt
2001 15th Street, NW, Campbell Heights Apartments 
2325 15th Street, NW, Gordon Towers
2125 14th Street, NW, Union Row and Union Row Condominiums
1390 V Street, NW, Langston Lofts
1414 V Street, NW, Geno Beroni Residences

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