Save the dates

Next Meeting: November 21   
MHNA meets on the third Tuesday of each month (generally excepting August and December).

2017 Monthly meetings: 
Tuesday February 21 (Comprehensive Plan update)
Tuesday March 21 
Saturday April 29 (Spring Beautification Day)
Tuesday May 16 
Tuesday June 20 
Tuesday July 18 
Tuesday September 19 -- WALKING TOUR!
Tuesday October 17 
Tuesday November 21 

Black Family Reunion Mural, 14th Street & Florida Avenue NW, by Byron Peck. Click on image for street view.

On which days do I set out my recycling and trash for collection?

Photos of the April Spring Beautification Day 


Become more involved in MHNA.  Contact us or join us at our next meeting. 

Board / Officers 

For calendar year 2017:  

President - Chris Young
Vice President - Christina Parascandola
Secretary - Kurt Staiger
Treasurer - Monika Pamp
Outreach - Kenneth Yu 


May be formed during the year, and may include the following: 

Institutional Outreach

Map neighborhood institutions; connect to schools, service providers and businesses within the MHNA boundaries; and explore common interests. 

Member Outreach

Recruit new members and expand benefits to existing MHNA membership. 


Lead neighborhood greening efforts, trash pickup and neighborhood cleanup days. 

Charter, Taxes and Administration