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Next Meeting: June 20  
MHNA meets on the third Tuesday of each month (generally excepting August and December).

2017 Monthly meetings: 
Tuesday February 21 (Comprehensive Plan update)
Tuesday March 21 
Saturday April 29 (Spring Beautification Day)
Tuesday May 16 
Tuesday June 20 
Tuesday July 18 
Tuesday September 19 
Tuesday October 17 
Tuesday November 21 

Black Family Reunion Mural, 14th Street & Florida Avenue NW, by Byron Peck. Click on image for street view.

On which days do I set out my recycling and trash for collection?

Photos of the April Spring Beautification Day 


Become more involved in MHNA.  Contact us or join us at our next meeting. 

Board / Officers 

For calendar year 2017:  

President - Chris Young
Vice President - Christina Parascandola
Secretary - Kurt Staiger
Treasurer - Monika Pamp
Outreach - Kenneth Yu 


May be formed during the year, and may include the following: 

Institutional Outreach

Map neighborhood institutions; connect to schools, service providers and businesses within the MHNA boundaries; and explore common interests. 

Member Outreach

Recruit new members and expand benefits to existing MHNA membership. 


Lead neighborhood greening efforts, trash pickup and neighborhood cleanup days. 

Charter, Taxes and Administration