Meridian Hill Park, also known unofficially as Malcolm X Park, is located in the Washington, D.C. neighborhood of Columbia Heights.  The 12 acres of landscaped grounds are maintained by the National Park Service as part of  Rock Creek Park, but are not contiguous with the main part of that park.  Meridian Hill Park is bordered by 15th, 16th, W, and Euclid Streets NW.

Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association is a nonprofit neighborhood association dedicated to improving our community by strengthening relationships between neighbors, businesses, developers, schools, churches, local government and other neighborhood groups.  On the basis of these relationships, MHNA works to: 

  • Maintain and improve safety in our neighborhood;
  • Clean and green our streets and alleys; and
  • Engage with the city and developers on projects affecting the community.

MHNA's Board of Directors is elected by the membership.  To facilitate activities, 4 committees address specific issues: Membership, Institutional and Neighborhood Affairs, Crime and Safety and Greening.

Our recent activities include: 

  • Twice-annual neighborhood cleanup days, during which we mulch trees, pick up litter, and provide a dumpster for large items;
  • Advocacy for quality-of-life issues affecting residents, including trash can placement, alley repaving, sidewalk bricking and tree planting;
  • Letters of support for zoning relief for desirable development;
  • Letters to delinquent property owners and follow-up with the appropriate DC government agencies; 
  • Engage city officials to make crime hot spots safer;
  • Engage developers regarding construction projects;
  • Sponsor the U Street Summer Movie Series in Harrison Field, in conjunction with other organizations and local businesses;
  • Marching in the Capitol Pride Parade; and
  • Annual holiday party.


MHNA's boundaries are:

  • 16th and U Streets to the East
  • 12th and U Streets to the North
  • 12th Street and Florida Avenue to the West
  • 15th and Chapin Street to the South
  • 15th and W Streets to the West
  • 16th and W Streets to the South

The boundaries are located within Washington, DC's Ward 1 and encompass parts of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B.


MHNA meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm until 8:30pm, at a location within its boundaries, with advance notice to the public, usually at Moshe Zuman Photography Studio, 1401 Florida Avenue, NW, ground floor, or at Gingras Ecumenical Center, 1419 V Street, NW, in the basement or first floor conference room.  We announce the meeting location on our Web site and listserv.  Please join us!


Membership is open to residents who live, or own residential property, within MHNA’s boundaries. Membership dues are $25 for the calendar year and free for residents in need.  Dues are concurrent with the calendar year.  You must be a current member to vote on MHNA matters, including officer elections.  Please see our membership page. 


Click here to download a copy of MHNA's Bylaws.  [Adobe pdf required]