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Paul Laurence Dunbar Apartments (formerly the Campbell Heights Apartments), Photo by Christina ParascandolaRegardless of whether you have lived in the Meridian Hill neighborhood for 4 months or 40 years, and regardless of whether you rent or own, you are invited to become an MHNA member.  See our boundary map.  Here is a list of some of the properties within the MHNA boundaries. 

1455 Florida Avenue, NW
1441 Florida Avenue, NW
1415 Florida Avenue, NW
2000 16th Street, NW, The Balfour
2008 16th Street, NW
2001 16th Street, NW, The Brittany
2101 16th Street, NW, Camden Roosevelt
2001 15th Street, NW, Paul Laurence Dunbar Apartments 
2325 15th Street, NW, Gordon Towers
2125 14th Street, NW, Union Row and Union Row Condominiums
2303 14th Street, NW, View 14
2420 14th Street, NW, Capitol View on 14th
1390 V Street, NW, Langston Lofts
1414 V Street, NW, Geno Beroni Residences The Balfour at Night, Photo by M.V. Jantzen
1440 V Street, NW, Portner Place
1450 V Street, NW, Portner Place
1447 U Street, NW, Portner Place
1449 U Street, NW, Portner Place
2013 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Hampton Court
2039 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, 
2101 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Wakefield Heights
2112 New Hampshire Avenue, NW  
1418 W Street, NW
1424 W Street, NW
1430 W Street, NW, The Madeira 
1436 W Street, NW, Capitol Manor Coop
1440 W Street, NW, Capitol Manor Coop
1444 W Street, NW, Capitol Manor Coop
1415 Chapin Street, NW, Hillside
1417 Chapin Street, NW, Denver
1420 Chapin Street, NW, Byron Hill 
1421 Chapin Street, NW, 
1424 Chapin Street, NW, Meridian Manor 
1425 Chapin Street, NW 
1427 Chapin Street, NW 
1430 Chapin Street, NW 
1435 Chapin Street, NW
1439 Chapin Street, NW, The Mercury
1440 Chapin Street, NW, Park-Alberts 
1447 Chapin Street, NW, Chapin Ciara
1474 Chapin Street, NW 
1414 Belmont Street, NW, The Solea
1421 Belmont Street, NW 
1429 Belmont Street, NW 
1430 Belmont Street, NW 
1451 Belmont Street, NW, The Fedora 
1454 Belmont Street, NW 

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