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August 18, 2009, Meeting Report

Present - John deTaeye, Brian Levy, Christine Locascio, Christina Parascandola, George Southworth, Justin Vitarello,Ernest Springs, Gregg Hammond, Pete Quinnan, Michael Taylor, Fred Horanic, Mike Smith, Uzike Smith, Mary Streett, Ted Butler, Glen Gurley, Nate McCray, Stewart Waller, Clarke Cooper, Buwa Binitie (Dante), Jordan Bishop (Dante), J Goins (PGN Architects), Darryl Pounds (Pounds Properties), Delton Pounds (Pounds Properties).

Development - 1412 Chapin Street - Dante Partners LLC presented on its planned 44-unit apartment building, which will be 60 feet tall, have a community room on the first floor, a partially landscaped roof, and one parking unit for every three residential units. Monthly rents will be approximately $1,200. MHNA members voiced concerns about the current parking shortage, the need for affordable housing units, utility noise and the property's current condition. Dante anticipates that, based on the building’s proximity to public transportation including the U Street/Cardozo metro, few building tenants will own cars. It agreed to match the ratio of affordable housing units to that of other neighborhood buildings, install a fence to block noise from the service rooms in the rear of the building, and clean up the property in short order. As for the construction timeline,

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June 16, 2009, Meeting Report

Present - Christine Locascio, Nyla Beth Houser, John deTaeye, Brian Levy, Dan Foster, Melissa Kramer, Fry Wernick, David Price, Lilly Shoop, Ernest Springs. 

Outreach Committee [contact Brian Levy to be a member: Brianlevy [AT] mac [DOT] com]

a) Contact list: Brian and Justin have a draft MHNA apartment/condo contact list developed. It needs many more contacts and emails added so we can better recruit members.

b) Membership recruitment: Fry, Ernest, Howard, Justin will use the list and engage personally with building managers, coop presidents, etc to discuss membership recruitment of building residents. For larger buildings (Solea, Union Row, etc) a yearly association fee should be considered to cover all the residents in the building. Fry will engage with the newly formed Union Row Association.

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May 19, 2009, Meeting Report

Present: George Southworth, Nyla Houser, Eric Heller, Howard Wilson, Brian Levy, Deborah Thomas, Mike Smith, Fred Hornanic, Christine LoCascio, Tom Jennings, Thomas Wong, Colleen Phalen, Kipp Johnson, Gillian Milburn, Kadian Pow, John DeTaeye, Justin Vitarello Crime and public safety discussion: Deborah (ANC Commissioner 1BO4 and President of Capital Manor Cooperative) gave an overview of actions since the 1400 block W St shooting a few weeks ago. She is reaching out to gang members in the W St. units and working to channel them and 20+ other youth into summer employment through the Pro-urban youth program. She is sponsoring a meeting Wed 20th with property managers, police, and W St gas station owner, among others. It was surprising to many to learn that police patrolling the block may not have access to parole lists of ex- offenders on the block- this was to be stressed at the meeting. Another issue is property managers are failing to enforce existing rules on pets/noise/etc, leading to a lawless atmosphere. Officer Jova (359-0922) is the primary contact for activity on the 1300 block of Florida. Other ideas discussed:

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April 21, 2009, Meeting Report

Present: Brian, Justin, Erica, Mike T, Brandy, Ernest, Fred, Mike S, 
Howard, John de Taye (Council Member Jim Graham's Office)

Greening Committee:   MHNA Cleanup Day will be held on Saturday , May 16th , from 10:30am until 12:30pm with a  picnic to follow (courtesy of Justin Vitarello's Indian food truck).

Plan to meet at the 1400 block of Florida Avenue at 10:30am.  Lunch will be at Belmont and 15th at 12:30pm.


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March 17, 2009, Meeting Report

I. Introductions.  Approximately 30 residents attended.

II. Committee Reports

A. Outreach – Howard Park [Hpark4 AT aol DOT com] coordinated a neighborhood flyer effort in advance of the meeting. Judging by meeting attendance, the technique of knocking on doors and talking with neighbors was effective. For the next meeting

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