November 17, 2009, Meeting Report

Present: Justin Vitarello, Brian Levy, George Southworth, Pete Quinnan, Ricardo Reinoso, Lindsey Ross (Martha's Table), Yolanda Carter, Ernest Springs a) Presentation by Lindsey Ross, Martha's Table. Lindsey gave an excellent short presentation on the activities of Martha's Table. Martha's Table: was founded 30 years ago; operates two vans that deliver food to the homeless every night around the city 365 days a year; provides weekend meals to seniors in Campbell Heights; operates a food pantry (free groceries) the last Thursday of every month; sponsors free dinners the Sundays before Thanksgiving (this Sunday!) and Christmas and on Easter; operates an accredited after school program and a thrift store (Thurs-Sat, 9-2); employs 70 staff members; serves more than 80 agencies which refer clients to MT; is assisted by 10,000 volunteers each year; and is financed by individual, government, foundation and corporate contributions. Martha's Table needs MHNA resident volunteers, particularly to fill last minute volunteer needs and to drive food delivery vans during the week. Brian stated that Martha's Table should feel free to post requests on the MHNA listserve. Follow up

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October 20, 2009, Meeting Report

Present: Justin Vitarello; Brian Levy; George Southworth; John deTaeye; Michael Taylor; Ricardo Reinoso; Bob Brusefski; Yolanda Carter, Ernest Springs; Christine Locascio; Katherine Rhodes; Christina Parascandola; Sybongile Cook (Ward 1 Outreach and Service Specialist, Mayor's Office of Community Relations & Services); Glen Gurley; Natalie Avery (MidCity Business Association).

Institutional Outreach: Natalie stated that MidCity Business Association includes 200 members representing 500 businesses in an area spanning north to south from 14th and W Streets, NW, to Thomas Circle, and east to west from from 9th Street, NW, to 17th Street, NW.  Its priority is to promote daytime retail in the neighborhood.  Activities include:

  • Promotion in which local merchants will be open from 6 until 9 pm on the third Thursday of each month;

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September 15, 2009, Meeting Report

Present: Justin Vitarello, Brian Levy, John deTaeye, Pete Quinnan, Michael Taylor, Bob Brusefski, Robert Alston (Booker T Charter School), Tamu Carter (MPD).
Outreach Committee
Mr. Alston presented information about the Booker T Washington Charter School, which is located on the 1300 block of Florida Avenue NW.  The school has approximately 250 students (95% of whom graduate) and offers GED and evening classes (free to the public) in electrical wiring, HVAC, virtual enterprise, and other subjects. We discussed: 

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August 18, 2009, Meeting Report

Present - John deTaeye, Brian Levy, Christine Locascio, Christina Parascandola, George Southworth, Justin Vitarello,Ernest Springs, Gregg Hammond, Pete Quinnan, Michael Taylor, Fred Horanic, Mike Smith, Uzike Smith, Mary Streett, Ted Butler, Glen Gurley, Nate McCray, Stewart Waller, Clarke Cooper, Buwa Binitie (Dante), Jordan Bishop (Dante), J Goins (PGN Architects), Darryl Pounds (Pounds Properties), Delton Pounds (Pounds Properties).

Development - 1412 Chapin Street - Dante Partners LLC presented on its planned 44-unit apartment building, which will be 60 feet tall, have a community room on the first floor, a partially landscaped roof, and one parking unit for every three residential units. Monthly rents will be approximately $1,200. MHNA members voiced concerns about the current parking shortage, the need for affordable housing units, utility noise and the property's current condition. Dante anticipates that, based on the building’s proximity to public transportation including the U Street/Cardozo metro, few building tenants will own cars. It agreed to match the ratio of affordable housing units to that of other neighborhood buildings, install a fence to block noise from the service rooms in the rear of the building, and clean up the property in short order. As for the construction timeline,

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July 21, 2009, Meeting Report

Present- John deTaeye, Melissa Kramer, Brian Levy, Christine Locascio, Christina Parascandola, George Southworth, Justin Vitarello, Howard Wilson, Deborah Thomas, Andrew Velthaus, Dan Foster, Marjorie Ransom, Sakina Shehad, Pete Quinnan.

Outreach Committee[contact Brian Levy to be a member: Brianlevy [AT] mac [DOT] com]

a) Membership recruitment: Justin and Brian will continue to approach apartment, condominium and coop building managers to discuss building-wide memberships in MHNA. Pete will research building Web sites.

b) Email recruitment: George will write to neighborhood bloggers and ask them to link to the MHNA Web site at

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