May 18, 2010 Meeting Report

United States Park Police

  • The United States Park Police (USPP) reported that the wall along the upper part of Meridian Hill Park on 16th Street is beginning to bow to the point of potential collapse.  Contractors are reviewing the problem.  Construction may begin resulting in parts of 16th Street shutting down during non-rush hours as well as staging below the park on W Street.
  • The new restrooms at the top of the park will not open as Park Police deal with piping issues.  Lower bathrooms will remain open.  The lower restrooms will become office space when the new restrooms open.
  • Slight increase in crime in the park attributed to the summer weather.
  • Discussion about the Drum Circle ensued.  There’s interest in moving the end time from 9pm to 8pm.  
    • John de Taeye with Councilmember Graham’s office requested the legal language regarding First Amendment rights.  
    • Interest in getting the head of the Drum Circle at the next MHNA meeting.
    • July meeting between USPP, Drum Circle and others. 
    • Interest in a “walk-through” of the park.

U Street Film Series

  • The U Street Film Series launches next month.  The series will bring neighbors together and raise money to repair Harrison Field.
  • Volunteers are needed, specifically to man the MNHA table at the film series.
  • MHNA will be soliciting local business to promote the movie series, as well as donations.


  • Volunteers are needed to man the MHNA table at the U Street Farmer’s Market.  For more information or to offer support, contact MHNA.
  •  W Street Block Party
  • Mid-City Dog Days of Summer

May 26, 2010, Mixer

  • MHNA will host its second mixer/social at Restaurant Judy, 2212 14th Street, NW, on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, from 6pm until 8pm. 
  • MHNA plans to regularly hold these casual evenings as an opportunity to meet your neighbors and support local businesses in the community.  Please join us!  Light appetizers will be provided.  


  • MHNA members want to attend tenant association meetings or condo board meetings to promote our work.  If you have an interest in our attendance, please e-mail MHNA. 

Next Steps

  • Contact owner regarding the eyesore at the corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW
  • Contact owner of the Lowest Price (W Express) gas station.  Loitering, urinating and the development of its business.
  • MHNA T-shirts
  • The next MHNA meeting will take place on June 15, 2010, location to be determined. 

April 20, 2009, Meeting Report

Introductions - The meeting was called to order at 7:20pm at Gingras Ecumenical Center at 1419 V Street, NW.  Present were: Brianne Nadeau (Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B), John de Taeye  (Office of Ward One Council Member Jim Graham), Mike Taylor, Pete Quinnan, Christina Parascandola, Ernest Springs, Brian Levy, and George Southworth. 

Zoning – Brianne discussed the recommendation by the Arts Overlay Committee, a task force that had met over the past eleven months, to the city Zoning Administrator, to increase from 25 percent to 50 percent the limit on linear street frontage permitted for eating and drinking establishments in the Uptown Arts Overlay District [map (pdf)].  The Arts Overlay covers a small portion of the area within MHNA boundaries, including 14th Street from U Street to the south side of Florida Avenue and parts of U and 13th Streets, NW.   Brianne stated that the current limit stifles further commercial development and the Zoning Administrator is likely to raise the eating-and-drinking frontage limit to 50 percent.  She urged MHNA to write a letter to the Zoning Administrator in support of the proposal.  Those present agreed that the MHNA Board should look at the issue and recommend action at the next MHNA meeting.  Brianne asked for input by Monday, April 26, 2010, on whether to support the proposal.  

Park security – Brianne reported that the United States Park Police recently had searched backpacks of visitors to Meridian Hill Park, based on probable cause for

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March 16, 2010, Meeting Report

Introductions - The meeting was held at Gingras Ecumenical Center at 1419 V Street, NW, and called to order at 7:00pm.  Present were: Brianne Nadeau (Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1B), Mike Taylor, Pete Quinnan, Christina Parascandola, Ernest Springs, Brian Levy, George Southworth, Justin Vitarello, Marco Santiago (Metropolitan Police Department, Third District), Sgt. George Maradiaga (Police Service Area 304), Master Patrol Officer William Barnes (PSA 304), Trainee Officer Manuel Chavez (PSA 304), Maeva Michiels (Michiels Architecture), Catianne Tijerina (Michiels Architecture),  Jonathan Kardon (U Street Neighborhood Association), Scott Rome (Veritas Law Firm), David Shott (Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration license applicant), Diane Shott (ABRA license applicant), John de Taeye (Office of Ward One Council Member Jim Graham), Jeff McKeever (United States Park Police), and others.

Public safety – Representatives of the Metropolitan Police Department Third District discussed recent developments and distributed a list of crime prevention tips, a criminal description sheet, information regarding graffiti removal and a list of contacts in the Third District.  Community relations liaison Marco Santiago warned against

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February 16, 2010, Meeting Report 

Introductions - Martha's Table hosted the meeting.  Present were: Lindsey Buss (Martha's Table), Winston Lofton (Weatherize DC), Brianne Nadeau, Teresa Frison, Christina Parascandola, Ernest Springs, Brian Levy, Ricardo Reinoso, George Southworth, Catianne Tijerina, Bobby Barusefski. 

Tourism - Brian announced that Cultural Tourism DC, a nonprofit coalition that promotes tourism, will open an office on U Street near Ben’s Next Door, 1211 U Street, NW.  Members discussed organizing a walking tour of historic sites in the neighborhood.

Outdoor Films – Brianne agreed to inquire with the Park Service about arrangements for outdoor film screenings in Meridian Hill Park in the summer.

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January 19, 2010, Meeting Report

Present: Brian Levy (President), Ricardo Reinoso, Lindsey Buss (Martha's Table), Bill Feldman, Jeff McKeever (National Park Service), Jordan Bishop (Dantes Partners), George Southworth (VP), Scott Clark, Wayne Shields, Andrew Velthaus, Christopher Roth, Justin Vitarello (Treasurer), Sean Terry, Pete Quinnan, Christine Locascio. 

I. Introductions

II. Dantes Partners announced that they bid on redevelopment of the 1421 Euclid Street site. They proposed a 37-unit, LEED-certified apartment building, with units renting at $1100-1500 monthly and 20 parking spaces. Dantes is partnering with Howard University School of Architecture and Design students to design the building.  Regardless of whether the city selects Dantes or another developer, groundbreaking is expected to start next summer. 

III. Union Row - Chris Roth and Terry Horner from the Union Row building on 14th Street kindly arranged for MHNA to use the community room for this MHNA meeting. The Union Row complex has 240 units, with only 4 left to sell. The complex has 2 boards: one for the warehouses/flats; and the other for the main building. MHNA and Union Row look forward to working together more in the future. 

IV. National Park Service - Jeff McKeever from the National Park Service reported on activity in Meridian Hill Park.  The United States Park Police (USPP) have stationed officers near or in Meridian Hill Park 24 hours a day, with each officer's beat covering areas in addition to the park. The USPP coordinate with and assist the District

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