February 15, 2011 Meeting Report

Attendance:  David Burt UDR), Chris Love (UDR), Larry Miller (Donohoe Construction), Jessica Smith, Michael Crowley, Bob Barusefski (Secretary), Brian Levy (President), Pete Quinnan (Treasurer), Nick Ferreyros, Denise & Samer Mina, Christina ReinosoReinoso George Southworth (Vice President), Ricardo Reinoso, Charlie Meisch (ANC Commissioner)

Meeting Agenda:

·      Update presentation from representatives of the 2400 14th Street Project

(UDR Site)

·      ANC Commissioner Briefing

·      Finalize 2011 work plan and events

2400 14th Street Presentation:  Representatives of the developer and Donahue Construction gave a brief presentation about the project then opened the floor for questions. 

 Quick facts from the presentation:  The project began construction in December of 2010.  Pile driving is complete and currently the project is in the sheeting and shoring stage of construction, which should be complete sometime in the Spring of 2011.  The project will start going vertical in the Summer of 2011 and the external skin of the project will be visible by April 2012.  UDR expects to be turning units in September 2012 with construction completion in the Spring of 2013. 

 Project Statistics:  The project will feature 255 apartment units with up to 2-5 retail spaces, depending on retail demand.  18 parking spaces will be dedicated to retail with 187 spaces dedicated to the residential units.  Additionally, parking for 85 bicycle spaces will be provided to residents.    There will be a space dedicated for an educational center or employment-training center.  The building will have a glass, brick, and metal panel facade with a roof deck that features a pool and kitchen spaces for residents.

 While UDR has other properties in the City, this is the first new construction project within the District of Columbia.

 2011 Work Plan:  The Association discussed events and ideas for the upcoming 2011 year including:

 ·      ANC Commissioner Outreach

·      Mixers

·      Volunteer Days with Martha’s Table

·      Harrison Field Movie Night

·      Block Parties (W-Street Block Party)

·      U Street Farmers Market Table

·      Dog Days Table

·      Key Speakers

·      Reaching out to Harrison School and the Boys and Girls Club on 14th St.

·      Spring Clean Up

·      A Neighborhood History Walk and Section on the MHNA Website

·      Reaching out the Hispanic Population with a page on the MHNA Website

ANC Update:  Charlie Meisch, ANC Commissioner 1B06 gave a community briefing:

  1. Update on the 2400 14th Street Site.  Residents had raised concerns about noise, parking, and traffic and the ANC has been working with City Council to address issues.  The developer has been responsive.
  2. Public Safety Concerns – Grafitti issue in the neighborhood concentrating on 15th St.   Commissioner Meisch is working with the City to remove the graffiti but cold weather currently prohibits removal.  Also, along Belmont Street and Chapin Street there has been a problem with package theft.  MPD is engaged.

The next MHNA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 15, 2011.


November 16, 2010, Meeting Report

Attendance: Brian Levy, Pete Quinnan, John DeTaeye (Councilmember Jim Graham's office), Bob Barusefski, Sacha Rosen (R2L architects), Paul Millstein (Douglas Development), Brianne Nadeau (ANC), Charlie (ANC), Melissa Vanouse. I. Holiday party and elections. MHNA will have its annual party in the new year and combine it with Board elections. Nominations for Board members will be accepted until midnight, December 31, 2010. The next meeting and annual party will be January 18, 2011. MHNA members will need to start planning soon. II. 14th/Florida lot: Paul Millstein and Sacha Rosen presented plans for the southeast corner lot at 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW. 30 rental units are planned in 6 floors, with ground level retail. Douglas Development is currently going through a zoning board review process and expects a zoning adjustment in January and construction permit in late summer 2011. The lot will be developed in 12 months. Douglas Development committed to repairing the tree boxes in front of the property on both 14th Strett and Florida Avenue, NW, coinciding with the District Department of Transportation's major redevelopment project at the same intersection). Douglas has engaged with Byron Peck, creator of the Black Family Reunion mural

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October 19, 2010, Meeting Report

The meeting convened at 7:00pm. In attendance were: Jullie Meyer, Michael Brown, Craig Schwartz, Meredyth Gilmore, Jen Hanenberg, Colter Carambio, Ernest Springs, Pete Quinnan, George Southworth, Michael Askarinam, Kim Williams, Officer McKeever, Brianne Nadeau, Lindsey Buss, Renee Poutous Barry, Jake Kishter, Deborah Pearce, Maria Villalta, Jose Tovar, Scott Clark, Mike Schwarts, Michael Taylor, Katie, Groen, Zach Markovits, Christina Parascandola, Eileen Appelbaum, Brian Levy

Crime and safety - Commander Kishter of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Third District spoke about crime and public safety and responded to questions about individuals regularly present at Harrison Park after the 9:00pm closing time and the recent shooting outside of a church on 13th Street, and stated that MPD arrested 20 individuals, including 3 or 4 juveniles, since the shooting.  He advised residents to be cognizant of their surroundings, by avoiding alleys at night and minimizing distractions including using iPhones while walking the street, noting that suspects prey on the inattentive.  He stated that the MPD recovered 50 weapons, mostly in the Third District, and asked those residents to report long-standing problems to Lt. Jova.  Brianne and George commended the Third District on the good work they have done.

Meridian Hill / Malcolm X Park - Officer McKeever of the United States Park Police stated that: he patrols on the day shift Sundays through Wednesdays; the drum circle completed the permit process and has been stopped twice

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September 21, 2010, Meeting Report

Introductions – Board members: George Southworth, Justin Vitarello, Christina Parascandola, Pete Quinnan; Attendees: Ernest Springs, Ricardo Reinoso, Monika Pamp, Jon Kardon, David Franco, John DeTaeye, William Girardo, Michael Taylor, Deborah Thomas; Speakers: Paul Millstein, Carmen Rioux-Bailey, Steven Glassman, Sassan Gharai.

Southwest corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue / Latino Auto Sale site - Paul Millstein of Douglas Development Corporation, owner of the vacant lot on the southwest corner of 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW, which includes the former Latino Auto Sale structure, reported that Douglas plans to build a six-story, 30-unit residential building of mostly 600-square-foot one-bedroom units, with: approximately 4,900 square feet of first floor retail space; one level of underground parking; LEED certification; and a residential lobby on Florida Avenue. Douglas: will not be required to preserve any facades, because it is a new construction, but must conform to the historic requirements using massing; has met with Steve Callcott of the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office; expects to complete designs in two months and must present to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC); and obtain a Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) variance because of the proposed height of 83 feet, where the zoning limits building height to 60 feet. Those present raised concerns about: the sufficiency of parking; incentives for Zip cars, public transportation and cycling, and preservation of the Black Family Reunion mural by Byron Peck, facing north on 14th Street, which would be obscured by the proposed construction; and the chain link fence that surround the property. Millstein agreed that: Douglas will promote non-car transportation incentives, work with the MHNA greening committee to install iron treeboxes, look into options less unsightly than the chain link fence; and he will contact Peck about the mural. He also asked for a list of desired uses for the first-floor retail space.

Washington Yu Ying Charter School - Steven Glazerman and Carmen Rioux-Bailey of Washington Yu Ying Charter School, currently operating in Northeast DC, stated that they seek to occupy the former Harrison Elementary School at 13th and V Streets, NW, and are working with local developer Jair Lynch. The Children’s Studio School currently occupies the building and

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June 15, 2010, Meeting Report

MHNA met at 7:00pm at Gingras Ecumenical Center, 1419 V Street, NW.  In attendance were Ricardo Reinoso, Mike Taylor, Christina Parascandola, John de Taeye (Office of Council Member Jim Graham, Ward One), Pete Quinnan, Melissa McKnight (ANC Commissioner - 1B06), George Southworth, Brian Levy, and Jason Laney.

U Street Movie Series - Brian reported that the screening of This Is It on June 8, 2010, at Harrison Park on V Street between 13th and 14th Streets, NW, was a success and thanked those who volunteered at the MHNA table.  At least 450 moviegoers attended, significantly exceeding planners’ expectations. The next movie night will be on Tuesday, July 13, 2010, with the screening of Buena Vista Social Club.  Members discussed ways to improve MHNA’s recruitment and visibility and to raise more money for Harrison Park.  Donations and sponsorships are barely covering the movie screenings.    

At the July 13 screening, Pete will coordinate the volunteers.  Ricardo, Melissa, George, Mike and Christina agreed to volunteer.  Christina will produce a map of the MHNA boundaries and have postcards printed.  John offered to talk with the Office of Planning to produce a map. Members discussed setting up a raffle, which would provide MHNA names and contact information of residents within MHNA boundaries who wish to be contacted, and setting up a more visible donation box at the park entrance. Brian will meet with ANC Commissioner Brianne Nadeau to discuss and obtain approval.  He and George will meet with local businesses to try to get more sponsors and to have a raffle prize donated

Mixer - Those present agreed to hold the next MHNA mixer on Wednesday, July 28, 2010, at

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