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June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes - Tuesday June 19, 2018
The meeting was held at Restaurant Judy, 2212 14th Street, NW, at 7 pm. 
Board members included Chris Young, Christina Parascandola, Kurt Staiger, and Monika Pamp. Other members in attendance included Daniel Hardy. It was primary election day in DC and no city officials attended. A quorum was present.
Administrative and Association Business
Discussion of Priorities
Meeting participants discussed possible priorities for the upcoming year or so, including strategies for community engagement, promoting volunteerism including in Meridian Hill Park, internet and social media presence, etc.
Meridian Hill Park Cooperation
Chris noted ongoing interest in the condition of the park, as previously discussed. We agreed this is an issue worth working on, and an opportunity to engage more members of the community. We will follow up with people who have expressed interest and possibly work with other interested organizations.
ABRA License Renewals / Updates
A mediation with ABRA staff regarding Mediterranean Spot’s proposed license change occurred June 14. It was not conclusive, but the owner seemed at least somewhat open to discussing a settlement agreement.
Next year, all restaurant and tavern licenses will come up for renewal. Members are encouraged to think about which establishments are a constructive part of our neighborhood community, and which are problem establishments that we should seek to improve through the renewal process.
Board Succession
Meeting participants discussed the composition of the Board, whether to enlarge it, and expectations of Board members. Chris suggested that a slightly larger Board that asks relatively less of each member may be a more efficient way to maintain the organization’s stability. (Last month the Board clarified that an Officer may retain his or her position for the duration of the calendar year for which he or she was elected, even if he or moves out of MHNA boundaries during that year.)
New Business
In his personal capacity Chris noted his support for a Group of 5 that was dismissed from an ABRA proceeding because ANC 1B signed a settlement agreement, even though the ANC was not a party to the proceeding and previously decided not to intervene.  MHNA did not have time to consider whether to intervene formally in. Members generally agreed that dismissing community input for such a procedural reason stifles input and sends a chilling message about government openness.

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