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June 2017 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday June 20, 2017, 7:00 pm
The meeting was held at the Gingras Ecumenical Center, 1419 V Street, NW. 
Members included Chris Young, Ken Yu, Monika Pamp, and Mike Schwartz. Visitors included Commander Tai Meah from the office of CM Nadeau. Quorum was present.
Association Business and Announcements
Next Meeting: July 18.
Historic Walking Tour: led by Kim Williams of the DC Historic Preservation Office, September 19 (in lieu of September meeting).
ABRA License Renewals / Updates
We informally discussed the proposal of Maydan, for a tavern license in the Manhattan Laundry building complex, 1346 Florida Avenue, at the back of the alley near the rear side of the 14-W apartment building. The tavern is proposed by the owners of Compass Rose on T St., NW. According to the placard (ABRA-106450), the tavern seeks an occupancy of 135 patrons, live entertainment, and full hours of operation and alcohol service until 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. We expect to discuss formally next month.
Follow up from earlier meetings:
 - Quarter and Glory (2017 14th St.) received approval for sidewalk seating.
 - ANC 1B voted to protest the petition of Dacha Beer Garden, proposed for 1740 S St. (not in MHNA boundaries).
New Business
Martha’s Table Redevelopment: Mike Schwartz reported helpful information he learned about the development plans for Martha’s Table’s real estate, on 14th St. between V and W Streets, after the non-profit institution moves. The site is zoned ARTS-3. According to the DC Zoning Handbook, this designation is intended to permit medium-density, mixed-use development, with a focus on employment. According to the zoning rules, the building may be 75 feet tall, with a floor area ratio of up to 4.8, but because they are allowed to add a penthouse level it rise as high as 85 feet, including mechanicals. Also, we don’t know if it will be a rental building or condos, but we will provide more information as we learn it. 
Transitional Housing: No updates re the rumored proposal to develop transitional housing at 14th and Belmont.
Free Ward 1 Events: Tai reported that Councilmember Nadeau is helping to sponsor several “Ward 1 Days” around the district--a Nationals game, the Building Museum, and the Shakespeare Theater.  See http://www.brianneknadeau.com/events

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