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March 2017 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday March 21, 2017, 7:00 pm
The meeting was held at the Gingras Ecumenical Center, 1419 V Street, NW.  
Members and visitors present included Chris Young, Monika Pamp, Kurt Staiger, Jeremy VanEss, Daniel Hardy, and Tai Meah (office of CM Nadeau). 
Association Business and Announcements
Agenda Changes
Two items from the agenda were cancelled on short notice: the representative from the Office of People’s Counsel who was scheduled to provide the Hands-on Energy Efficiency Workshop notified us of a sudden conflict in the afternoon, and the representative from P.T.Blooms, LLC, re plans for 1469 Florida Ave NW, asked to visit next month instead due to new information about the project. 
Annual Spring Beautification event scheduled for Saturday, April 29.
Next Meeting: April 21: may include 1469 Florida Ave NW with other items TBA.  
ABRA License Renewals / Updates 
Red Lounge 
Discussed Red Lounge’s (ABRA- 076011, proposed substantial change from restaurant to tavern license). Applicant was invited, both by phone and in person, but did not attend. After discussion, informally decided to take no action, and did not conduct a vote.
Bus Route 59 – Express Service on 14th Street
Considered whether to formally support a proposed express bus on 14th St. The proposal would require and receive new funding from the DC Council, and not displace existing service. Board member Kurt Staiger raised a good question of whether this is an appropriate issue for MHNA. Daniel Hardy raised a logistical question about the route, noting that all busses, whether “express” or not, will move very slowly through Columbia Heights, and questioned whether a different northward route (i.e., up 11th Street) might provide faster service to northern D.C. residents. After discussion, members present voted 5–0 to support the proposal. MHNA will draft a letter of support, and raise the question of whether the route could be optimized to increase its usefulness. 
April 29 Spring Beautification
Moved forward in planning for the annual event. We will meet at Harrison Park at 10 a.m. Saturday as in recent years, but request trash pickup both there and at the bottom of Meridian Hill Park to facilitate more work in the western portion of our boundaries. We also considered steps to promote the event, and outreach to support from neighborhood businesses as well as a post-event social gathering. 

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