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February 2017 Meeting Minutes

Tuesday February 21, 2017, 7:00 pm
The meeting was held at Moshe Zusman Photography Studio, 2300 14th Street, NW.
Members and visitors present included Chris Young, Christina Parascandola, Monika Pamp, Carole Kramer, Tom Fazzini (office of CM Nadeau), Brianne Nadeau, Mike Lenard (TaKorean).
Councilmember Nadeau spoke briefly, focusing her remarks on citywide concerns about immigration issues, highlighting a new legal services fund to support immigrants and several upcoming events.
Association Business and Announcements
2017 dues level
The 2017 dues level is $25 annually. Members in financial hardship may seek to waive the dues requirement.
Announced the 2017 officers from among the current year’s Board: Chris Young – President; Christina Parascandola - Vice President; Monika Pamp – Treasurer; Kenneth Yu - Outreach Coordinator; Kurt Staiger – Secretary.
Annual Spring Beautification event scheduled for Saturday, April 29.
Next Meeting: March 21, featuring energy efficiency presentation from Office of People’s Counsel.
ABRA License Renewals / Updates
Franklin Hall
Re the proposed tavern (ABRA No. 103899) for a sizeable beer hall at 1346 Florida Avenue (the Manhattan Laundry building). MHNA largely agreed to the negotiated SA, but proposed compromise language to address the ABC Board’s proposed weakening of parking requirements. Awaiting further communication.
TaKorean (proposed Class “C” Tavern at 1301 U St., NW)
Michael Lenard of TaKorean explained that the establishment will be “fast casual” restaurant primarily serving Korean influenced tacos and bowls in a retail space on the ground floor of The Ellington apartment building. He also explained that the restaurant intends to serve beer and other alcoholic drinks as a small portion of its business. Although the business could meet the food sales requirement of a CR license class, the owners would prefer a Class “C” Tavern license instead, in order to avoid the reporting requirements necessary for the restaurant license class. The business also re-filed its application with shorter service hours than originally posted (ending service at 11pm Sun.-Thurs. and until midnight Fri.-Sat). During a short discussion members expressed some concern about the license classification, and agreed that MHNA should seek to minimize the possibility that the establishment could turn into a full-fledged club. Voted 5-0 to protest with the intention of seeking an SA on those grounds.
DC Office of Planning
Josh Silver and Josh Ghaffari of the Office of Planning presented a comprehensive overview of the DC Comprehensive Plan amendment process. The Comprehensive Plan is the “premier document” in DC land use planning—zoning designations and decisions follow the Comprehensive Plan and may not be inconstant with it. The Office of Planning currently is revising the Comprehensive Plan. It will issue an “open call” for proposed amendments in spring of 2017. Following that, it will issue a draft amendment report later in 2017 with a 60-day comment period and conduct further public engagement. Legislative action by the DC council will be required to implement changes, with action expected in 2018.
The Comprehensive Plan contains ten “area elements” (ours is “Mid-City”) and numerous “citywide elements” covering issues like economic development, housing, urban design, parks recreation & open space, and arts & culture. It also contains a Future Land Use Map that identifies use and density—this is not an actual zoning map, but, at least under current law, zoning must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. It also contains a Generalized Policy Map that identifies areas where more detailed policies may be necessary.
To stay informed about the plan and opportunities to comment and participate, sign up for project alerts at PlanDC.dc.gov. you may propose amendments during the open call for proposed amendments this spring, including on details of the Mid-City Area Element. MHNA may discuss whether to become involved as an organization.

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