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November 16, 2010, Meeting Report

Attendance: Brian Levy, Pete Quinnan, John DeTaeye (Councilmember Jim Graham's office), Bob Barusefski, Sacha Rosen (R2L architects), Paul Millstein (Douglas Development), Brianne Nadeau (ANC), Charlie (ANC), Melissa Vanouse.
I. Holiday party and elections. MHNA will have its annual party in the new year and combine it with Board elections.  Nominations for Board members will be accepted until midnight, December 31, 2010.  The next meeting and annual party will be January 18, 2011. MHNA members will need to start planning soon. 
II. 14th/Florida lot: Paul Millstein and Sacha Rosen presented plans for the southeast corner lot at 14th Street and Florida Avenue, NW. 30 rental units are planned in 6 floors, with ground level retail. Douglas Development is currently going through a zoning board review process and expects a zoning adjustment in January and construction permit in late summer 2011.   The lot will be developed in 12 months. Douglas Development committed to repairing the tree boxes in front of the property on both 14th Strett and Florida Avenue, NW, coinciding with the District Department of Transportation's major redevelopment project at the same intersection). Douglas has engaged with Byron Peck, creator of the Black Family Reunion mural, who accepted a commission to design a new mural for the south side of the building. MHNA members expressed a strong preference to have non-chain retail on the ground floor and for Douglas to pro-actively engage their subcontractors to ensure they are able to find adequate parking off street. Full plans for the project are available from Douglas Development or MHNA. 
III. UDR: Bob Barusefski will follow up with UDR to discuss the construction start on the empty lot on 14th Street between Belmont and Chapin Streets, NW. UDR committed to attend the February 2011 MHNA meeting. 
IV. 2011 Vision and workplan. We briefly reviewed 2010 accomplishments and plans for 2011.  Over the coming months residents of the Meridian Hill area are invited to submit ideas for MHNA projects for 2011.  The following ideas were brainstormed at the meeting, to be continued in January, with workplan finalized in early February: 
(a) Series of MHNA sponsored volunteer days at local agencies (such as the Martha's Table event we did in 2010);
(b) Expand outreach efforts, door knocking with ANC Commissioners to expand our email lists and engage neighbors, identify block captains, set up google doc block lists for each. Identify 'rapid responders' on each block that can help out in the event of a snow emergency, etc.; 
(c) Make MHNA T-shirts for outreach events;
(d) Work again with U St. Neighborhood Association to plan the second U St. Movie Series over the summer 2011;
(e) Encourage ANC Commissioners (Deborah, Charlie, Mary) to use MHNA as a primary meeting space for community issues;
(f) Establish a calendar of regular guest speakers we advertise prior to meetings;
(g) Plan a neighborhood historic tour and/or talk that highlights Meridian Hill history;
(h) Have a large banner hung over 14th St with MHNA ad/website on it, or yard signs; 
(i) Discuss ways in which we can better cater to and involve parents/children in MHNA activities;
(j) Engage with the Boys and Girls Club on 14th, soon to be under new management (possible new mtg location);
(k) Continue engaging developers: Perseus/YMCA, 14th/Florida, UDR, etc.; and
(l) Plan a small event when the NPS completes restoration of the MH Park Joan of Arc statue.

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