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Next Meeting: November 21   
MHNA meets on the third Tuesday of each month (generally excepting August and December).

2017 Monthly meetings: 
Tuesday February 21 (Comprehensive Plan update)
Tuesday March 21 
Saturday April 29 (Spring Beautification Day)
Tuesday May 16 
Tuesday June 20 
Tuesday July 18 
Tuesday September 19 -- WALKING TOUR!
Tuesday October 17 
Tuesday November 21 

Black Family Reunion Mural, 14th Street & Florida Avenue NW, by Byron Peck. Click on image for street view.

On which days do I set out my recycling and trash for collection?

Photos of the April Spring Beautification Day 


May 17 Monthly Meeting at Gingras Ecumenical Center 

MHNA May Monthly Meeting
Tuesday May 17, 2016, 7:00 pm
Gingras Ecumenical Center (1419 V Street, NW)

(1) Introductions / Dues
-  You must be a current dues-paying member to vote in MHNA matters, including officer elections.
-  Pay your 2016 dues via Paypal at, or by cash or check.

(2) Beautification Day Follow-Up

(3) Mission Statement and Goals
-   Short- to Medium-Term Goals and Priorities
-   Revisit draft statement of priorities
-   Fundraising

(4) Mulebone Petition to Terminate SA
 -  License No.: ABRA-078882  (Eatonville)
 -  (Possible Vote)

(5) ABRA License Renewals / Updates
-  Pizzeria Vetri (2221 14th Street, NW); Negotiated Settlement Agreement
-  WeWork (Manhattan Laundry Blg); letter re necessity of license? (Possible Vote)
-  Identify problem establishments

(6) New Business / Announcements
 -  Bus 92 Turn-Around Re-Route Proposal (Florida Ave.)
 -  ABRA training for residents and community organizations, evening of Thursday, July 28


MHNA receives award from DPW Director/Beautification Day, April 23, 2016

Today, in a ceremony held at Harrison Park, on the 1300 block of V Street, NW at 10:00am, the Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association received a Helping Hands award from District of Columbia Department of Public Works Director Christopher Shorter.  Then twenty residents braved a steady rain while they gathered trash from sidewalks, streets and yards, spread mulch, and weeded.  Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning.  


Sign Up for Saturday 4/23 Beautification


April 19, 2016 Monthly Meeting Agenda

Tuesday April 19, 2016, 7:00 pm, Gingras Ecumenical Center, 1419 V Street, NW

(1)          Introductions / Dues
(2)          DDOT Public Space Regulations Administration - PSRA
(3)          Report on Board Elections
(4)          Mission Statement
(5)          April 23 Cleanup Day
(6)          ABRA License Renewals
(7)         Pizzeria Vetri License Application
URBN 14th Street, LLC;  2221 14th Street,
License No.: ABRA-101916; Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant
(8)          New Business / Announcements


March Monthly Meeting Tuesday 3/15

Moshe Zusman Photography Studio, 2300 14th Street, NW 
(1) Introductions / Dues 
 - You must be a current dues-paying member to vote in MHNA matters   
 - pay your 2016 dues at, or by cash or check 
(2) Report on Board Elections
(3) Mission Statement 
 - Distribute proposal for discussion 
 - Short- to Medium-Term Goals and Priorities
(4) ABRA License Renewals 
 - Upcoming process 
 - Identify problem establishments
(5) April 23 Cleanup Day 
 - Passover Conflict 
 - Outreach to Homes 
 - Outreach to Multi-family Buildings 
(6) New Business / Announcements
 - Anti-loitering spikes at Reeves Center
 - May 7 Funk Parade 
 - Others
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