Happy New Year and Upcoming Meetings
Saturday, January 14, 2017 at 9:47AM

MHNA Members and Neighbors,

The Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association had a successful 2016 and I would like to thank everyone who was involved, even in a small way, in making that happen. The sum of many small actions adds up to create a real community, and even if your participation felt minor, I assure you that it helped us all. 

A highlight last year was receiving an award at our annual Beautification Day, on April 23. DC Department of Public Works Director Chris Shorter braved the rain to personally present us with a Helping Hands Award, a nice acknowledgement of our long history of fruitful work in the community and collaboration with District agencies. After a presentation and photos, twenty residents braved a steady rain while they gathered trash from sidewalks, streets and yards, spread mulch, and weeded.  Despite a rainy day, we had great participation. We added a dirty but satisfying new activity, and in addition to cleaning planting strips, tree boxes and alleys after the winter, we spread half a dump truck worth of fresh mulch on needy tree roots in Harrison Park and in along the commercial strip. It was heavy. We followed up with businesses who had particularly trash-filled tree boxes to ask their cooperation in keeping the neighborhood neater. Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we hope to see you in 2017!
We also brought police from MPD 3rd District to discuss public safety issues and crime trends, and representatives from DDOT to discuss public space rules, advocated in ANC processes and before other DC agencies including the Board of Zoning Adjustment, cooperated with neighboring civic associations, and negotiated settlement agreements with three alcohol serving establishments (Pizzeria Vetri, Mulebone, and Franklin Hall).  Our membership grew, and many of us made new connections.

Looking forward, I hope we continue these trends. Please continue to do what you do, and consider adding a small increment of community involvement this year. Even when you have a busy day, the satisfaction of contributing to the place where you live is rewarding.

Pay your dues! Upcoming meetings are already being organized. We have planned visits from the DC Office of Planning to discuss the Comprehensive Plan amendment process (February 21), and the Office of People’s Counsel will provide a Hands-on Energy Efficiency Workshop (March 21). If you have additional suggestions please pass them on.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful 2017, 
Chris Young
President, MHNA

Article originally appeared on Meridian Hill Neighborhood Association, Washington, DC, USA (http://www.meridianhilldc.org/).
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