Save the dates

Next Meeting: November 21   
MHNA meets on the third Tuesday of each month (generally excepting August and December).

2017 Monthly meetings: 
Tuesday February 21 (Comprehensive Plan update)
Tuesday March 21 
Saturday April 29 (Spring Beautification Day)
Tuesday May 16 
Tuesday June 20 
Tuesday July 18 
Tuesday September 19 -- WALKING TOUR!
Tuesday October 17 
Tuesday November 21 

Black Family Reunion Mural, 14th Street & Florida Avenue NW, by Byron Peck. Click on image for street view.

On which days do I set out my recycling and trash for collection?

Photos of the April Spring Beautification Day 


Sept. 20 Monthly Meeting

7pm, downstairs at the Gingras Ecumenical Center (1419 V Street, NW)
Agenda Includes:
 - Upcoming volunteer events.
 - Proposed new Tavern "Franklin Hall" at 1346 Florida Avenue (Manhattan Laundry building); ABRA-103899; possible vote.
 - Bylaws issues.
 - Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) cases: 913 U Street Request for Variance from Arts Overlay 50% Cap; and Republic Gardens (1355-1357 U Street) request for variances from open space, rear yard, open court, and parking requirements.

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